Protect your Pacemaker, ICDS-ICD, Deep Brain Stimulator

or Vagus Nerve Stimulator during daily activities and when practicing sports.

Our solutions:


Developed for men and women

As a pacemaker, S-ICD, ICD, DBS or VNS carrier, you will be positively impressed about the level of comfort and peace of mind you get when wearing our protection.

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This is how Vital Beat protection works

Watch the short intro video:

The Vital Beat Shields are powered by the D3O® technology. The video clip shows the D3O® smart material in motion by showing the smart material composition.

The material is normally in rest position, soft and flexible, whereby the material molecules move freely.

On impact the molecules lock instantly to form a protective shield. Immediately after the impact the molecules move freely again and the material returns to flexible state.

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