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Dutch Heart Patient Organization “impressed by Vital Beat’s protection”

Recently Vital Beat and the Dutch Heart Patient Organization, ‘Hartpatiënten Nederland’, discussed the needs for comfort and protection for pacemaker, ICD and S-ICD patients in the Netherlands and everywhere else in the world. This is a topic that, no matter how old they are, has a big influence on  their daily life, active leisure activities and while practicing sports. Of course we also proudly showed them our unique shirts and protection shields!

Their review was published in their magazine and website ( And for all our non-Dutch speaking friends, we translated the article!



Protective shield and shirt for pacemaker, ICD and S-ICD carriers

Having to carry a medical device in order to keep you healthy brings along quite a few unpleasantries. This gave us, the Dutch Heart patient Organization, all the more reason to thoroughly investigate this matter. For this we interviewed a device carrier who uses the Vital Beat protection shield and shirt, together with the founder of Vital Beat.

From seatbelt to playing sports

For many heart patients the following will be recognizable: irritation from a seatbelt that rubs and puts pressure on your implant area, and, in case of hard breaking even painful. This causes some carriers to wear their seatbelt wrongly or even not wear it at all. This is, of course, the last thing we want happening.

Together with the struggle of comfort we have been hearing more and more people who are wanting to feel protected in order to move freely again and pick up sports again. Luckily more and more device carriers are cleared to exercise again and who really want to exercise again but at the same time want to be protected while doing so.

Protection shield with shirt to cover your pacemaker, ICD and S-ICD device and implant area

The Dutch based company Vital Beat has developed a product to protect your device and gives comfort. The product is combined out of a unique protection shield that offers high quality impact protection and a special compression shirt to hold the shields in the right place even when exercising.

The shield is made out of a special material which is soft and pliable, but, when an impact occurs hardens and disperses the impact. This unique quality gives it great comfort when wearing it and at the same time has a high protection quality.

The shield is kept in place by the compression shirt which has been made with the highest standard and precision to ensure a proper placement of the shield. Custom shirts are offered in case the location of your device differs from the standard placement locations.

User experience of the protection shield and shirt by an S-ICD carrier

As the Dutch Heart Patient Organization we have had the product in our office and have been able to feel and inspect the Vital Beat shield and shirt. We were impressed by the quality of the product and in our opinion it most certainly is of added value to pacemaker, ICD and S-ICD carriers.

Aside from our own opinion we wanted to hear from one of our members how they experienced the use and quality of the Vital Beat product. We did so with Rob and asked him about his experiences. He told us the following:

“ I have my S-ICD since 2012 due to an hereditary heart condition. Luckily I was allowed to get back to sports after my operation. However, because I am a very enthusiastic and fanatic sportsman, I maintain bike, windsurf and ski, I was worried for the consequences of e.g. falling and getting a hard impact on my S-ICD. For that reason I found the Vital Beat protection shield and shirt last year.

For me personally my S-ICD protector is equally as important as my bike or skiing helmet. Therefore I never do any sports without my Vital Beat protection. I can say, after experiencing a pretty substantial crash, that the protector has proven itself worthy to me. I do not only feel safe and secure while wearing it, it also positively surprised me with its comfortable feel during my activities. I had a different protector previously, though it also offered some protection it wasn’t nearly as comfortable as the Vital Beat protector. All in all the quality is very good, especially given that I use the protector and custom shirt at least twice a week. The shirts have been washed numerous times and still appear as new. The fact that the Vital Beat product is custom made is certainly noticeable in its high quality.”




Rob Baijens

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