Pacemaker Shield and Shirt

Comfortable protection for men and women

Pacemakers recipients have often expressed their desire to have freedom of movement in any situation, both in daily life and when practicing sports. The Vital Beat patented custom products will provide the recipients with a higher level of self-confidence, increased mobility, flexibility, and improved overall well-being.

The Vital Beat pacemaker protective solution is unique with respect to impact protection. The Shirt and Shield cannot be compared with other solutions in the field of protection and comfort.


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The Pacemaker Shield

p_shield_01The Shield is soft, pliable and comfortable in resting position, almost not noticeable when you move or lying in bed. Absorbs an impact and becomes only hard and rigid when exposed to sudden shock or impact. Right after the impact the Shield immediately returns in resting position and gives you full freedom of movement back.

The Pacemaker Shirt

The pacemaker shirt is the carrier of the Shield. On the left-hand side of the shirt is a pouch to insert the protection shield. The patented Pacemaker shirt is made of a high quality fabric that breathes easily, it is ultra thin, lightweight and only available in color white. The Shirt can easily be worn under a dress, shirt or sports shirt and will be available in multiple sizes. Shirts are also available for children and young adults.

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Pacemaker Shirt with Shield pocket right-hand side

Pacemaker recipients who wear their pacemaker device near the right arm, can now also order a pacemaker compression shirt with the Shield pocket on the right-hand side.

The Shirt can easily be worn under a dress, shirt or sports shirt and will be available in multiple sizes.

The recipients who bought our pacemaker and defibrillator protection solutions cited the following advantages:

  • Personalized and tailor-made protection  
  • Increased sense of security  
  • Improved level of comfort  
  • Increased self-confidence  
  • The ability to move freely  
  • Participate again in sports activities 
  • Improved physical fitness 
  • Reduction of anxiety and fear 
  • Less discomfort when wearing the car seat belt.

Are you an active person and like to play sports?

We recommend the Vital Beat Sport Shield!

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Everything you need to know about the product

In daily life

  • A well-meant pat on the shoulder or a blow to your chest.
  • An accidental elbow or shoulder bump on your device implant area, while e.g. standing in line in a crowd.
  • The automatically tightening of the seat belt in a car accident or during heavy braking. The seat belt runs right over the pacemaker, ICD implant area.

Sports and leisure

  • Playing football, tennis, hockey, golf, rugby and e.g. when walking, bowling or other activities in which one wants to feel protected.

At work

  • For all activities that require a lot of physical interactions: construction work, factory work, warehouse, and the like.

impact_techD3O® offers the Vital Beat Shields the best of both worlds, soft and comfortable on the body during normal daily activities, while offering instantly and automatically an almost armored protection where needed – at the time of sudden impact.

CE – European certificate
All Shield products are CE certified.

ISO – ISO 9001 Quality
ISO 9001: 2008 certification for product quality and is applicable to the pacemaker / ICD and   S-ICD Shields.

Shield tests comply with European directives EN1621 level 1 and level 2.

D3O® is a worldwide patented technology.

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Fitting Instructions

It is important that you execute the following 3 steps in exact same sequence, when fitting the shirt and inserting the Shield (see image below):

Step 1. Put on the pacemaker/ICD shirt and make sure that it fits well. It should be a snug skin fit.

Step 2. Insert the Shield in the pocket of the pacemaker/ICD shirt with the hard dark shell towards the outside. Make sure the Shield shape fits well the pocket shape.

Step 3. Move your hand a few times over the Shield to make sure it is placed correctly in the pocket and is lying flat against your pacemaker or ICD device.

Washing instructions

Pacemaker Shirt: Wash with cold or max 30C/90F water. Do not use bleach or a wash water softener. Hang to dry.

Shield: The Shield is wipe-clean only, using a damp cloth. NEVER use cleaners or detergents on or launder your Shields. This may result in irreparable damage and will reduce the effectiveness of your Shield. Do NOT use hair dryers or other heaters to dry the Shield.

Storage Shield: The Shield should be stored at room temperature, in a ventilated dry place, out of direct sunlight. Do not store under heavy objects or in extreme temperatures. If wet after use, ensure your Shield is dry before storing. Never fold your Shield.

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