Meet Vital Beat


Vital Beat, BV is a privately owned firm and was established in September 2016. Vital Beat offers unique protection solutions to people wearing a pacemaker, an ICD or S-ICD defibrillator, a Deep Brain or a Vagus Nerve Stimulator to guard their devices against potential impact during the operation recovery period, in daily life or when practicing sports or exercise other hobbies such as playing a musical instrument or hiking with a backpack.

The Vital Beat Head office is based in the town of Tienhoven near the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands. The Vital Beat products are sold worldwide via the webshop

Mission statement

The Mission of Vital Beat is to deliver innovative and intelligent protective solutions to pacemaker, ICD, S-ICD, Deep Brain or  Vagus Nerve Stimulator carriers (men, women or children) worldwide.

About the founder

Hilke Robijn

Owner of Vital Beat

hilkeMrs. Robijn is owner of Vital Beat. Mrs. Robijn obtained a Master of Science degree in Care Sociology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and has also graduated as a nurse.